Our Collection

Our collection is carefully compiled in order to offer you a wide selection and to fulfil the needs of all projects. In our collection for individuals you find examples of projects where transparent and plain curtains and drapes have been used.

Our love for fabrics

Our love for fabrics doesn’t stop with assembling a qualitative and wide, exclusive collection. Also safety matters. Therefore, our collection is designed with special flame retardant materials.
  • Twig Bento Duo Catch2019
  • Bryce Catch2019 4
  • Bento Catch2019
  • Bliss Catch2019
  • Twills Catch2019 2
  • Flirt Twills Catch2019
  • Flirt Catch2019
  • Loyal
  •  Midnight
  • Universe
  • Bold
  • Yves SF2
  • Gentle
  • Expo SF3
  • Sketch Bliss Catch2019