The making of your curtains defines to a large extent the appearance of the curtain in the room. The fold, in combination with the fabric, determines the amount of light the curtain lets through. This combination also defines how smoothly the curtain falls. We can manufacture fabrics in the traditional way, as well as in the wave curtains method, from pleated curtains to special ones. That’s how we make each curtain perfectly suitable for your needs.

As soon as you let us tailor the fabrics, you will experience the real power of a total supplier. From ordering the curtains, the making-to- order, and the communication with the atelier, from now on, you have for all just one contact. It can be so easy and convenient!


Direct order

Let your fabrics directly made-to-order at CATCH, and enjoy many advantages; such as online ordering via Woontotaal. Contact us for more information or login via below portal.

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